Living the American Dream 

I’m often asked why I decided to move to America. I was born in the UK to immigrant parents, studied at Oxford which is the epitome of the British ‘establishment’ and had many good job offers. Why pack up and leave to move to a country without my family, where there’s no universal healthcare and […]

Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening

BY ROBERT FROSTHis house is in the village though;   He will not see me stopping here   To watch his woods fill up with snow.    My little horse must think it queer   To stop without a farmhouse near   Between the woods and frozen lake   The darkest evening of the year.    He gives his harness bells a shake   To ask if there is some […]

Silicon Valley needs a new approach to studying ethics now more than ever

Originally published in TechCrunch here. Next month, Apple and Google will unveil features to enable contact tracing on iOS and Android to identify people who have had contact with someone who tests positive for the novel coronavirus. Security experts have been quick to point out the possible dangers, including privacy risks like revealing identities of COVID-19-positive users, helping […]

About Me

I live in San Francisco and work at Bloomberg Beta, a venture capital fund focused on the future of work. Previously I worked at Entrepreneur First, where I built the Berlin office from scratch. I grew up in England and studied at the University of Oxford, where I was elected President of the Oxford Union. […]